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DISCS is a new feature of BrakeCODE that allows you to seamlessly suspend cloud compute instances to disk in order to save on cloud vendor cost. This service is useful for instances that don’t need to run 24/7 yet are ones that would benefit from maintaining state (vs rebuilding completely via infrastructure tools such as Ansible, Packer, Terraform… ) Some cloud providers do not charge directly for powered down instances (AWS, GCP) although they do charge for attached resources to those instances, such as IP addresses and storage. Other vendors such as Digitalocean, Linode, Vultr, and more do charge for…

Using the diagnostic reports feature of NiM is pretty straight forward. This tutorial will explain the steps assuming you’re already a NiM user. If not, then you just need to install the NiM Chromium ( any Chromium browser, not just Chrome) extension in your browser and you’ll be ready to follow along.

In short, the steps will be as follows:

  1. Ensure NiM is installed and you have enabled the Node.js Diagnostic Reports feature.
  2. Login to Brakecode from the NiM DevTools panel.
  3. Use the NPM brakecode package to relay your reports.

From the NiM Options page ensure that the Node.js Diagnostic…

When GDPR took affect a few years back I really didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to creating these documents until it directly affected the projects I owned. Now anytime I start new projects, the thought of Privacy Policies, TOS, AUP, and similar documents comes to mind. This post is about a tool I wrote to simplify the process of policy document management, specifically making the documents publicly available and thus be GDPR-compliant.

As I’m not a lawyer and don’t have a legal department as such to reach out to, sites like have been my goto for generation of said policy documents. For the most part sites like these have been very useful. Both in generating the required documents, and previously have also helped by providing a hosted link for said documentation. The hosted part being important since often while working on a new project, there is no established “home” yet where these documents can be hosted yet.

Our Privacy Policy Hosted on

Unfortunately during my most recent attempt to generate…

Recently I decided to use Ngrok while developing a new application locally. It consisted of a webhook which is meant to be called from the auth provider which in this case is Auth0. So to make the local server endpoint easily accessible to Auth0’s servers, I used Ngrok. Ngrok is great but it’s free version I found didn’t make it possible to keep Auth0 pointed at the webhook without updating parts of code.

Auth0 Rules code which calls webhook via Ngrok

Since it’s the first time I’ve used it, along with the fact that I didn’t use/need any other paid…

I know, I know… the socket in the cover picture isn’t really the type of socket we’re talking about in this post, but I’ve been preoccupied lately with the idea of building a new workstation and the ThreadRipper is a monster! I mean it might actually be the solution to never feeling like my computer is never fast enough no matter what I upgrade to using (right now it’s an Intel I7 8th Gen CPU). Every desktop/workstation I’ve ever used over the years (well there was one) has always left a lot to be desired. Waiting on your computer to…

I just started using NodeBB about a week ago. A project came up that required the use of a forum and being that I have such an affinity towards Node.js… the results of my search for open source forum software quickly narrowed down to NodeBB. Previously I’ve used both Discourse and PhpBB from both administrator and user standpoints, and I’ve been fairly pleased with both. While getting to know NodeBB more intimately, there has certainly been a few things that I disliked and that stood out almost immediately.

  1. The documentation could be more up to date.
  2. The Docker container was…

A while ago I wrote a post about DevTools missing the source tree

So oddly the DevTools versions of late have been missing the source file tree normally found on the left hand side of the debugger under Sources > Page:

At the end of that short post I wrote about a possible “compat” mode that would help however at the time it was just talk. Fast forward to this commit:

and you’ll find that a compat mode was added. Great you say, but what does this DevToolsCompat checkbox do exactly?!

Well it changes which DevTools landing page (ie…

We’ve all done it. After purchasing that shiny new domain name from our favorite registrar (one of mine happens to be namecheap), we go to set it up. Part of that setup likely includes changing the domain’s MX records to point to “your own” mail servers, of which there is a good chance that “your own” actually means Google owned:


Ah, a list familiar to most of us. So up to this point, it’s been a manual process for me (I know… shame on me). But, today, I decided setting…

A Project (my project in fact)… NiM which has been linked from’s site for years, was removed because of (in my opinion) nepotism toward corporations, and a governance model which is currently operating on an uneven playing field. I should add that my intent is in no way to attack anyone, certainly not single individuals, and not even the corporations that are mentioned… because frankly, as individual developers and more pointedly as singular human beings, it’s my sincere hope that we all have the best of intentions in mind. …

Node.js V8 — inspector Manager (NiM) “adds some nice UX sugar on top”… of Node.js debugging. That’s for sure. However now that the DevTools team has built in a solution for the UUID problem, some have disparaged NiM, out of what I would call ignorance of the capabilities of the tool. Many however still understand the value that NiM offers as it’s growth shows. While the tool may have started as such, NiM is definitely more than just UX sugar, and the purpose of this blog post is to shine light on the other unique aspects of NiM namely:

  1. VSCode…


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